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We provide Trusted customer onboarding solutions for Consumer web. By acting as an Application Defence with a plug-and-play Document & Identity Verification and Authentication (DIVA) service.

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Fraud Prevention And Digital Identity Verification Solution

DIVA is rooted in the identity verifying power of the documents provided by the users during journey. Easy to integrate in any existing web or mobile origination journey.

Instant Identity Verifications

We rely on non-sensitive data sources, as provided by the business or customer to make decision.

Documents Authentications

Smart document data extraction, Image analysis service based on ML (Computer Vision).

Anomaly Detection

Prevent Synthetic Identity fraud, where an Identity document appears to be real, but is not.

How Does TrustScore Work?

Use TrustScore directly in your risk engine. Ensure Identity Verification and Prevent Fraud

Data Extraction

We extract information from KYC images using optical character recognition (OCR) to auto-fill, thus saving time and eliminating human errors.

Profile Verification

We run realtime checks across multiple Open-source intelligence (OSINT) and Private TrustDB

Document Validation

Our machine learning algorithms detect any template changes of documents by analyzing Pixels, Text Heuristic & Geometric Alignments

Face Authentication

We measure the likelihood of faces in two images by analyzing verious face attributes. We also detect age range of the person.

Benefits to Businesses

We let you provide a better experience to your good customers and have human error out of the identity and document authentication processes. Thus, Increase Revenue, Remove Friction and Enable Trust.

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Three Layers of Trust


Our identification service work on the basic contact details (Email and Mobile Number).


Our KYC verification API is compliance ready, real-time, fast, and efficient.


We use machine learning algorithms to validate authenticity of documents and accurately connect a person’s documents with real-world identities.

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